The Struggles of Being a Highly Sensitive Parent

Are you a highly sensitive mom or dad? Learn how being a highly sensitive parent affects your parenting strategies.

The doorbell rings. The kids are arguing noisily. The meal is in the works. The stereo is blasting with the favorite music of your spouse. And, unpleasant news was delivered via text. These are not good conditions for a highly sensitive parent who gets overwhelmed easily. When too many things happen simultaneously in your environment, you will find it easy to feel flooded with demands, fears, worries and noise as well as expectations of yourself and others.

The Struggles of Being a Highly Sensitive Parent

Being a highly sensitive parent may be challenging from time to time. This means, you have a habit of feeling everything that your children feel and limitations can be challenging. Sometimes, you forget to handle your own self while you are busy handling the physical, mental and emotional needs of your children.

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, deep love and perfectionism – these sum up a highly sensitive parent. Wanting too much, feeling too much and expecting too much of yourself wears you out. Why not start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Set all those feelings free for a while because it seems okay to feel that way.

Below are the kind of things that likely overwhelm highly sensitive parents.

They feel everything

Highly sensitive parents can immediately feel it when someone in the house is upset or suffers from something, even if he/she tries to hide it. Highly sensitive parents find it really hard to not to absorb every bad mood or little sorrow their children have.

Displeasing news easily gets under their skin

If a kid is harmed, sensitive parents can’t help but visualize their own child. They become easily hopeless and depressed, even on things that don’t affect them directly.

They don’t succeed with changes, and surprises are not included in their dictionary

Most overly sensitive parents experience this. One second they are happy, and the next minute they have locked themselves inside the room or bathroom where they are self-medicating while choking back cries.

They don’t really care for a lot of chaos and noise too much

Chaos and noise are what kids are made of.

But with all of these struggles, being a sensitive parent also offers beneficial returns, such as being an effective communicator. Mainly because, they know how hurtful the words are and they use all of their senses when turning into their child.

Being a highly sensitive parent is both a curse and a blessing – cursed because you feel intensely, and blessed for the identical reason.