The Skills That Parents Need To Teach Their Food Allergic Kids

Having a comprehensive knowledge and managing food allergies are important life skills that kids need to know and learn about and constantly practice just like they learn their alphabet. Food allergies should not be kept in the dark for the kids or said in their absence. It’s a reality of life for our kids, and we must teach them appropriately.

The Skills That Parents Need To Teach Their Food Allergic Kids

As a parent, there are skills needed to make learning about food allergy a fun and interactive process so that the kids would grasp and feel relaxed asking questions about their allergies. Here are some skills needed to teach your food allergic kids.

Create a game that you would play together with the kids. The game could help him learn which foods are safe to eat.

The game could be created in such a way that it has a series of flash cards with different pictures of recognizable foods, each made in three colors labeled: white “Safe to eat,” red for “Do Not Eat – Food Allergy,” and finally green for “Ask Questions.” Make the rules of the game simple and change the game every time you play. When a card is raised, ask your child to name the food and place the card into one of the categories.

Role Play       
Role playing is another fun way to teach and prepare your child to manage different situations independently. You role play with a restaurant scene where you have you pretend to be the server and present different foods. Your child can then practice responses, telling you the server about his/her allergies, and asking relevant questions.

Music has been found to be a great way to teach your child about anything; hence, entertaining and repetitive. There are children’s songs that teach kids important lessons about allergies, such as:

  • Kyle Dine: A great musician, performer and also children’s educator.
  • The Allergy Song,” by Recess

Books are another way to teach food allergic kids. Here are highly recommended allergy themed books for children.