Make Your Own Baby Food

Make Your Own Baby Food

Most newborns, after about six months on liquids, are eager to move to solid foods; almost as eager as their Moms and Dads. The problem is, you cannot be sure that purchased baby food is the healthy and nutritious option for your child. So, what are the options? How about making your own baby food at home?

While making your own baby food may seem a chore, it doesn’t have to be. Additionally, you can be sure that your own food (rice, vegetables, etc) is nutritious and tasty… and it will generally be less expensive than store purchased alternatives.

Firstly, make sure you buy natural products. I generally prefer organic. Yes, I know natural organic food is a little more expensive, but it will still usually be cheaper than buying processed baby food. Use your best judgment. If you cannot afford the ideal ingredients, just purchase something similar, trying to find the least processed food.

You can pretty much make up any recipes you like. There are also lots online – just search for “baby food recipes” for almost 9 million Google results. Over time, you’ll probably find that your child prefers some over others. That’s fine. Just make sure that you keep them on a well-balanced diet. I found some great initial recipes at Cooking Light.

Most baby food recipes will require some basic equipment. If you don’t already have the items, stay budget conscious; there’s no need to splash out on expensive gear. A home steamer is definitely a good idea. I also use a blender for many of the recipes that I prefer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and, in no time, you’ll be bringing homemade nutrition into your baby’s life.