About Me

About Me - Sara GriffinWelcome to my personal space on the internet. Here’s a little more about me.

I am a part time blogger-mom living in Denver. I am a mother of two and happily married for 5 years. I was having a hard time setting up my blog at first because I am not a techie person, but later found it to be quite enjoyable.

I am a vegan and chose to feed my family organic foods. I want to share personal thoughts about parenting, motherhood, family, home, and DIY. I am also open to guest articles and I would love to publish it on my blog if I found it useful in life. I am a God fearing person but I am an open minded individual. I respect beliefs and way of life of other people. I am also quite the adventurous type and I like to travel on places that most people would found boring.

Thank you for joining me on this blog. I am excited to hear  your comments and thoughts.